E-learning sites or app for educators, trainers or institutions

In this era of technological world, it is very important for educators, trainers, Institutions to have their own e training/learning platform which proves to be a need for them to tap their students actively browsing the web. This article is for educators, trainers or institutions, how e training or learning can positively impact their professional as well as financial growth.

Teaching profession is an arts rather than science, there are no strict approach to educate their students. Every educators have their own style of teaching but during class room you have to be constrained and have to adjust yourself. Ok let’s check how it can be benefited for trainer.

Networking: It helps to get connected with students any time with any place. You can connect yourself among their students even after class in order to deliver any notice, announcement, videos, and pedagogical practices.

Compatibility:  Every student has their own way of learning and grasping power. They can use your e-content according to their needs.

Flexibility: It’s win-win situation for both teachers and students. Teacher can teach from their home and students can take their classes from their own place. There is no need to commute of students.

Scalability: You can reach to your audience irrespective of location or boundaries. Just you have to provide best quality content to your users.

Innovation: You can make your class innovative using technology by adding animation, practical videos, diagram etc.

 Save time: It is win-win situation for both trainer and students as well. Teacher can teach from their room/studio while student can attend classes with their own place. There is no need to commute to other places.

Scope of improvement: Educators have space to edit their content and change it according to market needs. You can use it on recurrent basis year on year with some improvement and can focus your rest of their time in experimenting and thinking something innovative content for better performance of students.

Greener and cost effective: It saves paper and money. As there is no need to use paper for content, mock test and assignment and also there is no need to rent a big hall for this to occupy students.

Easy student analysis: You can analyze every student performance on the basis of course progress, mock test report and assignment and mentor them according to their need which is very difficult in classroom teaching.

Boost confidence: You can give badges, reward points and certificate on the basis of performance to boost their student’s confidence.

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August 8, 2020

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